We value your business and want to serve you in the very best way possible.
By placing an order with us you have agreed to the following terms and conditions:
Please read them carefully.
We realize you always have a choice and thank you for choosing to do business with
Action Art Banners, “the best banners in the business”.

1.0 Full payment is required on all orders before they will be processed.
1.1 Payments types accepted:
Checks** (Personal checks not accepted during banner season.)
Check/Debit cards
Credit Cards
Money Orders

1.1.2 Checks accepted from the person placing the order only. (Excluding banner seasons.)
1.1.3 No checks accepted without proper I.D., current phone #, and address.
1.1.4 Check Return Policy: There is a $30.00 return check fee for checks returned for any reason.
1.1.5 Because of problems with returned checks
**Checks will not be accepted upon special delivery (hand delivery or courier.) of order CASH ONLY. Orders must be paid in full before Merchandise is left with you. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Credit Cards
Mastercard Visa. necessary I.D. required.
1.1.7 Orders will not be processed in the event of an invalid card or incorrect credit card number under any condition. We will make every effort to contact you if a problem arises but we will not be responsible for delayed orders.
2.0 Placing An Order
We encourage you to place your order as early as possible.
2.1 Orders accepted by text to (909) 208-5596, or email to info@actionartbanners.com.
It is required that ALL orders
have a signed signature on the credit card line- not typed. A signed signature authorized us to process your order. A typed signature is not a
signed signature. Anyone can use someones credit card and type a name. We are very
cautious to protect our customers of any credit card fraud
2.2 Once we process your order you will receive within 24 hours a confirming invoice to the email
address on your form.
If you don't receive this invoice and you verified we didn't submit a charge on your credit card call us to see if
we received your order. With technology Don't Assume your order was received without
receiving a confirmation.
3.0 Order Processing Time
3.1 Orders are not processed on a first come first serve basis. Because of the nature of this business we process orders on an as needed basis. In our experience many teams aren’t given much time between the time they receive their leagues information regarding banners and their picture day. For this reason Action Art makes every effort to process orders as quickly as possible so everyone has a banner on picture day. Although it doesn’t always seem fair, we feel this is the best policy and benefits all customers ordering from us.
3.2 During the busy "banner season", please give us enough time to complete your order .
4.0 Shipped Orders
4.1 Action Art is not responsible for shipped orders that are delayed due to freight company errors. If your
package does not arrive on time, it is your responsibility to follow through with the freight company. At that time they will advise you of their policy for tracking packages and
4.2 Action Art is not responsible if you need to sign for your package or if it’s ok to leave without a signature.
5.0 Incomplete Orders
5.1 Due to the volume of orders we will not process
incomplete orders or “hold orders” for any reason.

Please do not submit your order if it is not complete.
5.1.1 Duplicate Orders
We make every effort to catch duplicate orders but if you fax your order, mail in your order, or place an order
via the internet you will be charged for duplicated orders unless the word “DUPLICATE” is clearly printed on the newest order.
(Please read our Changes and Add-on policy also.)
6.0 Lettering Errors
6.1 Please Print in CAPITAL letters or type your order whenever possible...Action Art is not responsible for lettering errors including but not limited to legibility, changes to orders, misinterpreted penmanship, unclear faxes, etc.. Keep in mind that CAPITAL letters and printed letters are easier to read especially when faxed.
6.2 If we judge the lettering error to be our mistake you will not be charged for corrections, otherwise there may be a
nominal fee to correct your order.
6.3 Because of frequent changes to team rosters, errors from customers are common. Action Art will make every effort to hide corrections so the banner looks its best. If you look good, we look good.
Once order is received and has been processed into our
system there will be no refunds or cancellations allowed.
No free banners or shirts for any reason. The work we do is extremely labor-intensive hand work and our prices are very reasonable. We work very hard to keep it that way for your benefit and we can not afford to give away free work. All of our customers are special and important to us. Please save us from having to explain and refrain from asking for free items or discounts. We will remedy the problem some other way that is reasonable and fair to satisfy all those involved.
9.0 RUSH ORDERS are available at an additional charge. Prices are subject to individual circumstances.
No returns will be accepted without a Return Authorization Number. You must call our office for this number.
11.0 Order Status
If you want to verify that your order was received, allow
24 hours.
12.0 Artist’s Choice Banner Layout: artist will make every effort to not duplicate designs within your organizations age group unless same design is chosen by person submitting order.
12.1 .Artists choice: This choice of layout gives the artist complete freedom to choose the design and layout of the banner. Designs are chosen by the artist based on information you provide such as team name, sport, player’s ages, and sex. You are welcome to make suggestions for the artist to consider BUT THAT DOES NOT GUARANTEE your suggestions will be used on the final banner.
The final decision is the “artist’s choice.”
12.2 Banners with Artist’s Choice for layout can not be returned or will not be re-created for the following examples:
Problem: “The design wasn’t what I expected”, “I wanted the artist to call me first”, player is too muscular or not enough”, “design looks too mean” “too cutesy”, “too serious” etc. Solution: If possible we will spice it up, or add something to the banner, remember our artists are experienced professional airbrush artists specifically trained on sports banners layout and techniques and if you’ve seen them in action you know that they can sometimes change the entire look of a banner without having to re-make it by tweaking it here and there.
If you would like your banner to be done exactly like your suggestion this is called a CUSTOM BANNER and there is an additional charge for this kind of banner. If you supply us with a specific picture, this is also a CUSTOM BANNER and there would be an additional charge. If we copy your artwork and you don't like the finished product (because you pictured it differently), we will not replace it without a charge. Remember art as beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. We want to please customers, but it must Be within certain guidelines or at the managers discretion.
14.0 Banner Replacement Policy: Reasons Action Art will replace your banner at no charge:
A. Action Art used incorrect team name or sponsor name
that can’t be fixed.
B. Action Art used incorrect colors that can’t be fixed.
C. Action Art used wrong sex of players that can’t be
fixed. Note: If your team is coed artist may choose to
only include one player which may be a boy or girl or a generic (no specific sex.) .
D. You paid extra for a “custom banner” and design was
not used.
E. You paid for a “custom banner” and the sample you
provided was not used.
F. You paid extra for a “custom banner” and design
description was not used. Note: If your description was
misinterpreted or you didn’t make description specific
enough you will be charged for a new banner.
G. The banner material you paid for was not used.
H. Banner was damaged prior to shipping.
14.1 Reasons Action Art will not replace a banner:
A. You chose“Artist Choice” and design was not what you
wanted for any reason.
B. You chose “Artist’s Choice” and coed team only shows
one player (boy or a girl). Or artist put two players (boy
or a girl) and you only wanted one.
C. “Artist’s Choice” and player doesn’t look the right age.
D. “Artist’s Choice” and you gave a description or
suggestion that was not followed.
E. “Artist’s Choice” and you don’t like it for any reason.
F. “Complaints about material type, size, weight, etc.

G. “Artist’s Choice and Coach or the Parents don’t like
H. “You like someone else’s banner better.”
I. “Artist’s Choice” and players weren’t listed or drawn the
way you want.
J. Not enough detail
K. Colors aren’t exact, too light, dark, wrong shade. You
must provide a swatch if this is important especially when
your team is a color like teal, aqua, jade, or particular
shade of any color.
L. Too much “over spray” somewhere on banner.
M. Just because you feel we should.
Once we receive your order, i.e.: fax or mail. It is very difficult for us to do changes or add-ons once your order is in progress. Your order travels through many departments. Requesting a change or add-on will require someone from our staff to hunt through several hundred orders to locate your banner. We also realize roster changes are common and we make every reasonable effort to make changes when possible. Here is our policy regarding changes:
15.1. When your banner is being shipped:
We have a person who checks every banner for spelling errors , content and design. Once in a while something slips through and other times if we’re not sure about the
penmanship and we can’t get a hold of you we have an important decision to make: Wait to hear from you, or ship it knowing there may be an error because you must have your banner by picture day. Our policy is you must have your banner on picture day. Changes can always be made at a later date as a last resort. Should you receive your banner and there is any type of problem contact our office. If it is due to your error an additional charge may be applied.
15.2 Shipping Charges:
If we find an error on your banner to be our mistake Action Art will reimburse your shipping expense not to exceed $5.00. (Receipt is required) (REFER TO 10.0 FOR RETURNS.)
(Designs can be used for all ages.)
CUTE: Designs are pretty or attractive , esp. in a lively, wholesome, or dainty way. Design will be age appropriate.
COOL: Designs are free from passion, or emotion. Calm attitude or manner. Design will be age appropriate.
HUMOROUS: Designs will express humor, funny, amusing, or something comical. Age appropriate.
TOUGH: Designs will be overly aggressive,rough, or may reference a difficult or hard play. Age appropriate.
SERIOUS: Player will have a serious expression or pose
BIG BAD AND MUSCULAR: Player will be large with exaggerated muscular anatomy. (Recommended for older teams.)
17.0 If you have a blocked number please add *82 on your order form before your area code. ACTION ART appreciates letting us know in advance.
18.0 Action Art reserves the right to refuse service to
anyone for any reason.