In July 2003, Action Art closed its doors and became a mail-order only company. During the busy banner season, we will still offer the option of bulk delivery where we deliver all the banners from your organization to one person. We have offered this program for many years with great success.

All orders can be made by mail (with payment of a money order), or by fax (if paying with a credit card), or if arranged by your organization, orders can be made at a team parent meeting.

We are still promoting the “Artist Choice” banner, which gives the artist a lot of freedom to create something wonderful for your team. We have been in this business for over 15 years, creating an average of 8,000 plus banners per year. All designs are OUR original artwork. We don’t use clip art like what is offered by other companies. Completing each category on the order form gives the artist an idea of what you want. “Artist Choice” also eliminates duplicate designs within a league or region.

I know many of our repeat customers might not like the idea that our shop closed however, believe me this was a very thought-out decision by our staff. This new way of doing business has been so well received. Many customers told us we should have done this years ago. Receiving banners at home, business or the Bulk Delivery, was so convenient, they didn’t miss coming to our shop in the wee hours or dealing with the long lines.

Following is some information that will help to answer some questions you may have. We also have our Terms and Conditions listed under the terms button or the back of the order form in or team packets. Kindly read this information in full. This year we are offering the Team Pennants (24x24), the Team Balls (approx 18” round) and our new product, which is targeting the older teams, a Pro Style 3x5 Large Team Pennant with 3 grommets for $55.00, plus shipping. This banner has your teams color for the border and only the team name.

As a team parent or manager, prior to filling out the order form, it is your responsibility to ask each child’s parent what name they want on the banner and HOW to spell their name. Filling out the order form properly prior to faxing it to us eliminates problems. We have found it reduces the changes made to/on your banner by over 97%.

1- Complete the orders form in full and PRINT in CAPITAL LETTERS. This will minimize errors.

2- Fax your order to us at 909-930-6555. If you like, call us within 10 minutes at 909-930-5203 to confirm we received your order. Keep in mind that there could be several other customers doing the same so if you can’t get through our lines, be patient and within 3 days call your bank or credit card company to see if there has been a charge processed from Action Art Banners. We process orders daily. By calling your vendor, confirms we received your order and it has been processed.

3- If your banner is to be Bulk Delivery, circle the word BULK on your order form. Fill in your League Name so we know to include it in the proper leagues delivery. Most cities have more than one league so this is very important. Failure to do this means we will ship your order directly to the address on your order form and you will be charged for shipping.

4- If your banner is going to be delivered to your work or your home, and if you have an email address print this clearly. Our system will notify you via our UPS program what your tracking number is and when your order shipped. This helps us to get our job done so we’re not getting so many calls from our customers asking us if their banner ship. Once you've received confirmation from us or your bank that your order was processed, than 3-4 days prior to your opening, start checking your email for the UPS information. During this hectic time, we become a straight production company with a goal to satisfy and meet the required deadlines. All our Customers are IMPORTANT, we want to please everyone so with your help and patience, our system will work and the end result is…Happy Customers!!!!

5- If after 3 days, you have not received any confirmation that we received your order than PLEASE contact us at 909-930-5203 or fax us with another copy of your order on 909-930-6555 but write WATCH FOR DUPLICATE on order. That will give us a heads up that you haven’t received any confirmation and we will react immediately.

6- If using a credit card, please refer to the credit card box on the order form. We need: your cc#, expiration date, 3 digit code for mc and visa which can be found on the reverse side signature line. There is a series of numbers followed by 3 more numbers. These 3 numbers we need. If using American Express there are 4 numbers on the front of your card. Write those numbers on the order form. If your billing statement goes to a different address we must have that address and zip code to obtain an approval. Sign the authorization line. Make sure you’re giving us a card that we won’t have any trouble obtaining an approval. If we can’t get an approval, your order will not be processed on time and this could delay your order to meet the expected date. This will not be our fault. Again when orders are processed smoothly, orders are done as expected.

7- If you have changes on your orders, we try and catch them prior to shipping or delivering, however read our term and conditions regarding our policy
We hope this information will help you when completing the order form. YOU as our customer are very important to us. If you still need assistance, please call us. We hope you and your team have a very wonderful season and we look forward to creating a banner that your team will be proud to display.

Action Art Banners Management